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You Drive Me Crazy (2018)
미치겠다, 너땜에!

Type : Drama Series

Country : South Korea

Release : 2018 l MBC

Run : EP 4

Duration : 35mins

Content Rating: 15+ - Teens 15 or older

Love at first sight is such a wonderful idea. However, how many of us have experienced it in real life?

The answer is “rarely”. If anything, we have mostly seen those occurrences in dramas. Why bother making another drama where a man and a woman cross paths coincidentally and suddenly fall in love? Therefore, this drama plans to show the viewers something more relatable – love that blooms in our everyday lives. This drama shows how a familiar relationship turns into a fluttering relationship, how a friendship suddenly turns into love, and how a once dull life suddenly becomes blinding due to love.


The lead characters who have been friends for eight years end up sleeping together one night. Following this event, the friends struggle between love and friendship. Eun Seong is a translator who works with Korean to French and French to Korean translations. She faces everything bravely but also has an unpredictable side. Eun Seong becomes friends with Kim Rae Wan in college.

This drama is about a man and a woman who have nothing more to share thanks to their completely different personalities. However, they have no idea whom they are in love with. Gradually, they rediscover themselves and reach out for love one step at a time.

You Drive Me Crazy_Screener
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Kim Sung-Joo

Yoon Hee Nam

Support Role


Park Hyo-Joo

Lee Hyun Ji

Support Role

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